What Kind Of Solutions We Are Giving

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What Kind Of Solutions We Are Giving To Current Market And Industry :

We have solutions for Construction Industry for Contractor’s tight schedule/budget:

Contractor can focus on the structural works that we will be taking the responsibility of internal and external non-load bearing Walls & Wall Partitions. We have the fastest and economical method of supply & installation of ZJT Wall Panels which is ready to receive paint. As per the client interest we will take the responsibility of painting as well.

Any kind of modification or extension in existing commercial or residential building. Since client always requires to complete this kind of Projects in shortest time period & without much wet/dirty works, therefore they are mostly using the Gypsum Partitions which is not solid. Now we have the best solution to complete their Projects as per client requirements with the limited time period by using ZJT EPS cement  Wall Panels with new installation methods. Construction solutions for Better, Faster & more Economically ever before in the Country.

By using ZJT Wall Panels, we can complete the Site, Labour Camps, Boundary Walls, Residential Villas, Palaces with the shortest time period & low cost.

We provide Ready-made Site Offices and Labour Camps using ZJT Wall Panels.

For details, please contact our export sales: miss zoe zeng whatsapp: +8618559217326